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Managing your property

Attention to detail in Managing your property

Property Management Services

A.H specialises ... Now you own a piece of Italy you may need help managing the house. We can change over utilities, set up direct debits and organise any level of renovation or restructuring required. If you need help renting out the property we can provide all the services needed for a clean house or a quick response to problems.
Typical Italian workmen have a great attention to detail which is important for the maintenance and freshening up of your property. A.H has cleaners available to clear the junk left from the previous owner or fine cleaning services for your rental customers. Both freshening up and cleaning the property are paramount to your rental success for both repeat rentals and the reputation of your offering. A.H has managed houses and rentals for foreign customers since 2004. Use A-H for attention to detail

Holiday Homes for sale in Abruzzo
Holiday Homes for sale in Abruzzo
Holiday Homes for sale in Abruzzo
Renting Property Services
A service which requires attention to detail at every level. Renting your property can offer a great incentive to invest, but getting it wrong can ruin holidays and cost money. Since 2004 we have managed a growing portfolio of houses with foreign owners. Each house is different and each owner has his own direction. A.H works together with the owner in promoting the house. Bookings are managed with the cleaners to insure the required level of cleanliness and presentation for that client. The outside of the house can also be maintained by a gardener. An A.H representative can meet and greet your customer, show him the workings and explain about the area. There can be a support line for emergencies and tourist information and queries. Take away your doubts and stress of renting your house and use the A.H team
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